Weight Gain Due to Fibromyalgia

Weight Gain Due to Fibromyalgia

Why Weight Gain is Common in Individuals with Fibormyalgia

Many individuals with fibromyalgia have experienced weight gain.  Looking at things from an objective point of view can develop this pain for no known reason. The fatigue that comes with the pain, leads to a diagnosis, and inevitably ends with a prescription to a pill. The pills, in fact, contribute to the exaggeration of the symptoms, number one.

However, all medications are chelated or manufactured with a thin layer of metal which surrounds the medication.  There is reason for this.  When you take anything in orally, it has to go through the stomach.  When the stomach perceives the presence of a substance, it begins to secrete hydrochloric acid which is very, very acidic.  It has a PH of one to three on a scale of one to 14 with 14 being the least corrosive and one being the most corrosive.  Putting the medication in orally to this acidic environment, the acidic environment would devour the medication.  There would be absolutely no benefit from it. The acid from the stomach erodes the metal shield around the medication and allows the medication to pass into the small intestine to be absorbed into the circulation. The down side is that the heavy metal is very corrosive.  It is very heavy in terms of relativity to the biological fluid; and it is very difficult for the body to metabolize it and get it out of the body.  It tends to drift to the lowest point in the biological fluid. When it does this, it drifts inside the cell into an organism that is present in every cell in the body, except red blood cells, called the mitochondria.  The sole function of this organism is to create energy.  This mechanism is what regulates the internal or cellular metabolism. Once the heavy metal from the medication is ingested, the cells transport chain, which is a conversion unit for converting raw materials into energy, the heavy metal lodges inside this mechanism.  It interrupts and, in fact, corrupts the ability of the body to convert nutrients into usable energy, thereby shutting down your metabolism causing you to gain weight.

Lose Weight Without Investing a lot of Time and Money

There are several effective ways to deal with this without investing a lot of time and money in testing or in therapy.  One of them is dry-brushing the skin.  The skin is actually the third kidney. By taking a regular, dry bristle brush and brushing the extremities, the arms and the legs, in the direction of the heart once or twice a day for about three minutes, it will accelerate the expulsion of these heavy metals through the skin.  Another way is to purchase an over-the-counter, heavy-metal detox that is widely available in a lot of the health food stores now.  These are substances that bind to the metals and pull them out of the body, therefore, allowing the metabolism to re accelerate to a normal rate. The next stage in the process is obviously more activity.  The more activity you can perform despite the fatigue on a regular basis, the more demand for energy will be created and the more calories you are going to burn from the fat that has been stored as a source of energy.   Most individuals with fibromyalgia do not have excess energy-producing mechanisms in the body.

Effective Ways to Spike Metabolism

The next way is an Epsom salt bath or an Epsom salt soak because Epsom salts is magnesium sulfate which, in the presence of hot water, binds to lactic acid and it binds to the metals. It pulls them into the bath water alleviating the stress on the mitochondria creating a much better opportunity for the metabolism to spike and to begin to use the stored fat as a source of energy again.  Then, of course, there is the deep breathing. If you do 25 cycles of deep breathing morning and evening, it will accelerate the metabolism.  Receiving treatment through prescription drugs is sometimes inevitable when diagnosed with fibromyalgia.  But there are several ways to stay healthy and combat any weight that may be gained in the process.  The above tips are easy, little lifestyle adjustments that can go a long way.