Fibromyalgia Treatment and Symptoms

Fibromyalgia Treatment and Symptoms

Symptoms of Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia Treatment and Symptoms, some food for thought. The topic today is all about healing fibromyalgia.  There are so many cases of fibromyalgia and the numbers seem to only be increasing as time goes on.  There is a belief that this has a lot to do with the toxicity in our environment and this is why more and more people, especially women, have the diagnosis of fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia symptoms frequently include pain.  Especially in certain trigger points, which of course the doctor has often diagnosed, as well as fatigue and chronic fatigue. Not being capable of having that “get up and go” energy can become quite debilitating for many women.  As well as insomnia, joint pain, overall stiffness in the body.  As it progresses cognitive dysfunction, or loss of memory, and the inability to think clearly can also be debilitating for so many individuals diagnosed with fibromyalgia.  So the question is what can be done for these patients?  There aren’t many alternative solutions to this in terms of conventional medicine.  The only way to treat this is through some other basic lifestyle tweaks.

Vital Diet Guidelines to Treat Fibromyalgia

First on the list is having a healthy diet so eating as many fresh fruits and vegetables as possible.  Also include lean protein in the diet.  Getting enough protein is important because this is what feeds our muscle cells.  A lot of anti-oxidants are equally important.  Anti-oxidants help to quench those free radicals that we are exposed to on a daily basis and it’s really important that the body is getting enough of them in your diet.  A wholefood multivitamin with high ORAC containing fruits and vegetables is something that we all need on a daily basis to help supplement our diet. Whether we’re following a great diet or not it is important that we’re getting the very potent anti-oxidants directly from nature and that’s what you get in the fruits and veggies.  Getting enough exercise is another staple to staying healthy and also to combat fibromyalgia.  Fibromyalgia sufferers think that they can’t exercise because they have too much pain but the truth is that the more exercise that you do it increases the oxygenation of the cells and actually helps in the long term to fight the disease.  Magnesium is one of my favorite supplements for fibromyalgia.  It helps relax the nervous system but also helps to relax muscles and this is really important in terms of pain control.  It can actually do wonders even overnight for people that are magnesium sufficient.  An individual can start to have relief of their pain within just a couple doses of magnesium.  Not all magnesium on the market is created equal.  The absorbable type of magnesium is bound to glycine which is an amino acid that helps in the absorption of that magnesium.  Please note that magnesium and calcium should never be supplemented at the same time.   They should always be separately supplemented.  Take magnesium in the morning and calcium at night.

Exploring Other Natural Treatments

Decreasing stress is essential which is especially true for fibromyalgia sufferers because stress has a lot to do with the pain patient’s experience.   It creates the domino effect since pain causes stress; stress again causes the pain to be worse, and so on.  Therefore, using stress management guidelines to decrease your stress throughout the day is quite helpful. Little things, like watching the news before going to bed, having heated conversations at the dinner table instead of relaxing and enjoying in digesting your food properly, can all contribute to heightening stress levels. Engaging in activities like yoga and meditation will decrease your stress levels and they go very far in the long term.  Not only helping the disease symptoms and pain but also making you feel better in preventing the disease from getting worse in the future.  It is imperative to also be mindful of essential fatty acids.  Always keeping the body in an anti-inflammatory state is exactly what the right amount of essential fatty acids can do for us.  Fish Oil is a great example of an omega-3fatty acid.  From a fish that is high in the DHA as well as EPA to help with those natural affects and detoxification. It’s vital to detoxify all those toxins out of the internal organs including the liver, the kidneys, lungs, the digestive tract, the skin, lymphatic system as well as the blood.  It also helps with heavy metal toxins. Heavy metal toxicity is part and parcel of having fibromyalgia. It is encouraged that everybody to do their research when taking supplements or doing various treatments.